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Current Support

Work described in these pages has been supported in part  by the Israel Science Foundation (grant no. 236/06), by a grant from the German-Israeli Foundation (Project no. 969/2007),  and by the Hermann Minkowski--Minerva Center for Geometry at Tel Aviv University.


Past Support

  • European Comission

2005-2008  IST Programme of the EU as Shared-cost RTD (FET Open) Project under Contract No IST-006413 (ACS - Algorithms for Complex Shapes).

2003-2005 Motion Planning in Virtual Enviorments (MOVIE), ESPIRIT Project under contract number: IST-2001-39250, The European Community Funding Agency.

2001-2004  Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces (ECG), ESPIRIT Project under Contract No IST-2000-26473, The European Community Funding Agency.

1998-2000 Geometric Algorithms for Industrial Applications (GALIA), ESPIRIT Project No.~28155, The European Community Funding Agency.

1996-1998 Constructing Geometric Algorithms  Library (CGAL), ESPIRIT Project No.~21957, The European Community Funding Agency.

  • The Israel  Science Foundation

1999-2005 Geometric Computing and its Applications, Center of Excellence, (MOKED - Center for Geometric Computing and its Applications).

1997-2000 Geometric Computing with Arrangements.

  • Bi-National

1997-2000 Geometric Algorithms for Manufacturing, BSF: United States-Isral Binational Science Foundation.

1998-2000 Robust Geometric Primitives for Planning Robot Motion and Object Placement, Franco-Israeli reserach grant ``factory of the future'' (monitored by AFIRST/France and The Israeli Ministry of Science).

  • TAU Internal

2001-2002 Geometric Algorithms for Microassembly, internal Tel Aviv University Research Fund.

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