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Multi-robot motion planning for disc robots

Wednesday, November 18th, 16:10


Irina Kostitsyna, TU Eindhoven


Given a set of robots in a geometric environment, the multi-robot motion planning problem is to find a schedule and paths for the robots to move from their initial positions to a set of target locations while avoiding collisions. We can distinguish between labeled and unlabeled versions of the problem. In the labeled version, the robots are prescribed to which specific target locations to move, and, in the unlabeled version, the robots are indistinguishable and can move to any target location. Finally, the k-color multi-robot motion planning generalizes the two versions: Given k classes of robots, it prescribes a robot class to each target location but not a specific robot within this class. In this talk I will present some recent results on the unlabeled and k-color multi-robot motion planning for disc robots.

Based on joint work with Thomas Brocken, Wessel van der Heijden, Lloyd Lo-Wong, Remco Surtel, Stijn Slot, Bahareh Banyassady, Mark de Berg, Kevin Buchin, Karl Bringmann, Henning Fernau, Dan Halperin and Yoshio Okamoto
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