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Geometric algorithms for large robot swarms

Wednesday, December 16th, 16:10


Sándor Fekete, TU Braunschweig


Modern robotics has achieved many impressive feats for the navigation of individual robots, making 
autonomous vehicles a reality. However, just like in road traffic, many of the really complex challenges
arise from the interaction and coordination of many robots; this requires an array of methods,
in particular, making use of geometry.

I will present an overview of challenges arising from coordination and reconfiguration of swarms of many
objects, ranging in size from minuscule particles all the way to far-away satellite swarms.
Algorithmic results include (1) the exploration of unknown environments by large groups of robots,
(2) controlling the motion of many tiny particles by an external force, (3) coordinating the collision-free motion
of many robots, vehicles, aircraft, or people, such that each one reaches its destination as quickly as possible
(the subject of the Computational Geometry Challenge 2021), and (4) how to use simple robots to construct
large-scale structures, such as space stations.
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