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TAU's Seminar on Computational Geometry and Robotics


Wednesdays at 5:10pm Tel Aviv time (4:10pm CET, 10:10am NY time)

Zoom: Request the link from Dan Halperin



Date Speaker & Affiliation Title Of Talk
20.10.21 Steven M. LaValle, University of Oulu Goldilocks and the Robot Brains
27.10.21 Erin Wolf Chambers, Saint Louis University Applications of Topology and Geometry to Root Analysis
03.11.21 No seminar
10.11.21 Rachel Holladay, MIT Constraints and Planning for Forceful Robotic Manipulation
17.11.21 Timothy Chan, UIUC Hopcroft's Problem Revisited (or How to Shave a Log-Star)
24.11.21 Oren Salzman, Technion Multi-Agent Path Finding: New Analysis, Problem Variants and Algorithms
01.12.21 Mikkel Abrahamsen, University of Copenhagen Online Sorting and Translational Packing of Convex Polygons
08.12.21 Dror Dayan, Tel Aviv University Near-Optimal Multi-Robot Motion Planning with Finite Sampling
15.12.21 Natan Rubin, Ben Gurion University Stronger Bounds for Weak Epsilon-Nets in Higher Dimensions
22.12.21 Tzvika Geft, Tel Aviv University Refined Hardness of Multi-Robot/Agent Motion Planning
29.12.21 No seminar
05.01.22 Esther Ezra, Bar Ilan University Arc-Intersection Queries Amid Triangles in Three Dimensions and Related Problems

09.03.22 Michael Bilevich, Tel Aviv University
16.03.22 No seminar
30.03.22 Barak Ugav, Tel Aviv University Localization with Few Distance Measurements
06.04.22 Tzvika Geft, Tel Aviv University Recent Progress in Multi-Robot/Agent Motion Planning
02.05.22 Mikkel Abrahamsen, University of Copenhagen Tiling with Squares and Packing Dominos in Polynomial Time
01.06.22 Chaya Keller, Ariel University A Solution to Ringel’s Circle Problem
15.06.22 Yahav Avigal, UC Berkeley The Need For Speed: Enabling Real-Time Manipulation Through Optimization, Simulation and Deep Learning

Link for 2020/2021 seminar : Computational Geometry Seminar


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