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We have created a CGAL LiveCD!

  • Optimal as a Demo CD - contains all the demos of CGAL compiled. A shortcut can be found on the Desktop.
  • Test CGAL or Solve applied computational geometry exercises easily.
  • Enables you to Run and Compile CGAL programs without installing any software and without changing anything on you hard drive.
  • Easy operation - Just put the CD in the computer and reboot (of course you can always use a virtual machine to do that).
  • Based on the latest Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and CGAL 3.5.
You can extend the CD to contain whatever additional source code or exercises (see You can run it from USB:, and even save your files and changes:


You can download the CD from:
md5: 8b87a6dfdc043cc4c0ce377233ecb71b

 In order that all the demos would fit on the CD I had to remove some of the default ubuntu packages. A list of the removed packages can be found here.

All the material provided with the CD is subject to the terms of any license agreement provided with it. Some of these agreements incorporate the terms of the GPL or other open source licences. Please read these agreements before installing and using the software; by installing and using the software, you will have accepted the terms of the agreements.


 CGAL LiveCD DesktopCGAL LiveCD Arr Demo



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