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Assignment 3 Additional Information

Exercise 3.2.


The latest release of CGAL, namely version 4.10, supports the computation of approximations of the Hausdorff distance between two meshes. Two flavors of the Hausdorff distance can be computed. These two flavors are carried out by two corresponding free functions called  approximated_Hausdorff_distance() and approximated_symmetric_Hausdorff_distance(). They have been introduced in the Polygon Mesh Processing CGAL package.

Version 4.10 has been released on May the 29th. You need to obtain this version to complete this exercise. You can either download CGAL 4.10 from the official site, or simply obtain the sources directly from the public git repository on GitHub. Issue the command below to clone the CGAL repository at

git clone

Then, follow the instructions at to build and install CGAL.


You can use the input models of Assignment 2. I've enhanced them to be in standard VRML format, so you can use any viewer that supports the VRML format (e.g., Cortona3D and meshlab) to view them. You can obtain an archive that contains them all here.

I've collected some of the models that you have submitted as part of the solution of exercise 2.2. These models, and an additional large one, are suitable for this exercise as well. You can obtain an archive that contains them all here.

I've placed all the aforementioned VRML files and the sources of the degenerate viewer posted as part of the additional information for assignment 2 at a git repository in Bitbucket. Issue the command below to clone this repository

git clone


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