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Installation Party Preparations


In order to save time, please install the items listed below.

Use only the given installers/sources and the indicated versions.

  1. Visual Studio 2008 Express
    Online installation:
    Offline installation:
  2. Boost 1.46.1: (No offline installer)
  3. QT 4.7.1 precompiled version:
  4. CMake 2.8.4:


Installing CGAL on a Linux operating-system (OS) is typically easier. If you decide that you want to try this path, we recommend using the Ubuntu distribution. You can install Ubuntu directly on your computer either alone or side-by-side next to your Windows OS obtaining a Windows-Ubuntu dual-boot machine. Another option is to use a virtual machine. That is, have Linux host Windows as a virtual Machine, or  have Windows as your native OS, and run Linux as a virtual Machine. If you want to use the latter option install VirtualBox on your Windows OS - We will provide a Ubuntu virtual machine based on maverick.

Most if not all packages that CGAL depends on come by default. We recommend using the maverick Ubuntu distribution; see table below. However, older distributions of Ubuntu and corresponding older versions of CGAL may suffice for the course.

The CGAL versions that come by default with Ubuntu distributions are:
hardy - CGAL 3.3.1 (libcgal2, libcgal-dev ,libcgal-demo)
karmic - CGAL 3.4 (libcgal3, libcgal-dev ,libcgal-demo)
lucid (latest LTS) - CGAL 3.5.1 (libcgal4, libcgal-dev ,libcgal-demo)
maverick (latest Ubuntu) - CGAL 3.6.1 (libcgal5, libcgal-dev ,libcgal-demo, libcgal-ipelets)
natty (Ubuntu beta version) - 3.6.1 (libcgal5, libcgal-dev ,libcgal-demo, libcgal-ipelets)

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