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Optional programming assignment information

CGAL Availability and Installation

The latest public release of CGAL, namely version 3.6, does not work well with the latest public release of Boost, namely, version 1.42.0. As it is recommended that you install CGAL version 3.6, please install Boost version 1.41.0 or older. I believe that an improved version of CGAL that does not have a conflict with Boost 1.42.0 will soon be available.

CGAL 3.6 has been installed on the NetApp (at the standard place - /usr).

Obtain the latest CGAL public release from here.
The Window installer for Boost can be obtained from here. The entire collection of version 1.41.0 can obtained from here.
The CGAL installation manual is available here.

See old page for instructions to install an older version of CGAL here.


Stay tuned....

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