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Programming Assignment Additional Information


Your solution should consist of some source files and a pdf file called optpa.pdf that describes the implemented algorithm and the limitations of your program, if there are any.

You may write the code in the following programming languages: C++, Java, or Python.

If you develop in Java or Python provide a source code file, namely (Java) or (Python) and list in the documentation what special modules must be installed, if any.

If the code is written in C++, provide one source file called optpa.cpp, and CMakeLists.txt (input to cmake). Running cmake on the provided CMakeLists.txt followed by compilation and linkage should produce an executable called optpa.

Submit a compressed archive file (either zip of tar.gz) that contains all your files. The directory structure of the archive should be flat.

You can develop on any platform, but the code must compile and run on Ubuntu (Linux).

The program optpa accepts two arguments on the command line, namely, a Boolean indicating whether to compute a polygon with maximal area (true) or  with minimal area (false), and the name of the file that contains the input points. By default, the file is called points.instance. The output file name should be in the same directory as optpa. The name of the output file should be result.solution.

Input & Output

The format of the input and outputs files is described here.


  • Can I use MATLAB?
    • No.
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