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Submission of the Prototype

A message sent by prof. Dan Halperin on October 23rd:

Submission of the Prototype


What is expected from each team:

  1. A short demo of your prototype either on a computer at the robotics lab or on your own laptop.
  2. A succinct and clear document (2 pages) describing:
    1. What the prototype contains (1 page).
    2. What are the plans for the completion of the project (1 page).
  3. A brief user guide for the prototype, describing what are the functionalities of the prototype and how to operate the software (without internal, programming details).


Date and Time

Ophir and I will meet with each team separately for the demo of the prototype, starting on Wednesday, November 5th at 14:00. We prefer to meet as many teams as possible on that day. For those teams who cannot meet on that day, we will meet with them on the following days. The anticipated length of a meeting is about half an hour.

Next week I will send a schedule of the meetings. I'm asking that each team will tell me what times are impossible for them on Wednesday, Nov 5th, between 14:00 and 17:00.

Please send your time constraints by Sunday 26/10/08 afternoon.



If you plan to demo on your laptop, then no special preparations are required. If you wish to demo on a computer at the lab, you MUST coordinate with Ophir in advance (several days in advance), and make sure that your program works well on that computer. (It is your responsibility; we will not have time for installation and online debugging during the demo sessions!)


No Extensions

The demo submission will not be postponed. Not submitting on time (either the demo or the final project) will have a significant impact on the final grade.

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