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Page Hybrid Motion Planning
File HyMP Initial project plan
File HyMP - Mid-term presentation
File HyMP - Final Presentation
File HyMP - user and developer guide
File Movie - 4 robots maze
4 robots in a maze.
File Movie - 3 robots example 2
3 robots complex scene - require high precision coordination.
File Movie - 3 robots example 1
3 robots must manipulate and move through 1 hallway for get to their target points.
File Movie - Convex Robots
2 Convex robots in a hallway. require cooperation and maneuver.
File Movie - Build scenario scene solution
Shows build scene solution - 2 robots with 4 obstacles.
File Movie - Build scenario scene
In this scene we show how build scenario is done, includes color changing, robots and obstacles creation and placement features.
File Movie - 2 robots switching place
In this scene robots must switch place in a specific space they have got in the scene, for reaching the target point safely.
File Movie - Maze 3
Like maze 1, while we put another robot, making all 3 robots change place. Is there a solution? How? (We will let the robots talk).
File Movie - Maze 2
Like maze1, while we put an obstacle in the place where the robots switch place before , making switching more complex.
File Movie - Maze 1
2 robots in a maze.
File Movie - Passageway1 zoom feature
In this video zoom feature is demonstrated. You may see robots motion near obstacles and robots more clearly and verify no-collusions.
File Movie - Passageway1
This is the scene where our algorithm could not handle in the first representation. Now we give an easy solution!
Page Hybrid Motion Planning
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