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Basic Definitions

  • Beating - move the boat in zig-zag to go through the eye of the wind.sailboat_parts
  • Header - wind that requires shifting from the intended course.
  • In irons - being stuck at winds eye.
  • Jibing - changing stern through the eye of the wind.
  • Leeward and windward - leeward is the side of the boat which is away from the wind. If the boat is sailing downwind it is the side of the main sail. The other side is windward.
  • Lee side - the side towards the leeward. 
  • Lift - wind that allows shifting to better course.
  • Port side - the left side of the boat.
  • Port tack - when wind is on the port side.
  • Starboard side - the right side of the boat.
  • Starboard tack - when wind is on the starboard side.
  • Tacking - turning the bow through winds eye.
  • Tell-tail - a piece of cloth used to measure the wind visually.
  • Winds eye - the wind direction is exactly on the bow.
  • Windward - see leeward.



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