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Robotic Sailing 2011 - Training and Competition

Team Presentation:


                    Construction of the Boat                                                                   Comparing different Algorithms

Construction of the boat           Comparing different algorithms

                  Simulating the Boat races & algorithms                                          First testing environment, next to Schreiber building

 Simulator           First testing environment, outside Schreiber building           

                   On the way to the first wet-test!                                        Rescuing the boat from a Desert Island, Yarkon Park, Tel-Aviv

First dry test, Yarkon Park, Tel-Aviv             Rescuing the boat

                             Sailing the Boat (manually)!                                        Few long weeks later, Bigger lake, Computer-controlled sailing (sometimes...)

First-Time Sailing the boat, Yarkon Park, Tel-Aviv             Practicing in the Yarkon Park, Ramat-Gan

                              Leaving on a jet plan...
                                                L├╝beck University area, Northern Germany
 Leaving on a jet plan...            Lubeck University area, Northern Germany
                         Lubeck University dormitory                                                                         Dormitory morning visitors

Lubeck University dormitory             Dormitory morning visitors

          The University workshop on the lake side                                                                        Team Israel

Inspecting the German boats armada on the University workshop            Team Israel

         Never leave home without your USB dongle                                             Getting in position for first race (didn't go very well)

Never leave home without your USB dongle            First race  

                               Convincing the boat,  it would rather be sailing...                                                                                       Pirates!

  Rather be sailing     Convincing the boat it would rather be sailing  Pirates!

                     Debugging in the evening...                                                              Debugging in the morning....

Extreme nightly debugging session         Morning debugging session

              Yet more Debugging on the.... start-line!                                                       Trying again, better luck this time        

Debugging on the start-line         Trying again...

             Watching the race on the World-Server                                                                     Sailing around...

WorldServer boats display     Sailing around...


                      Navigating between Buoy Gates                                                       Different German boat (only manually controlled) 

     Navigating between the buoys      Another German boat (only manually controlled)

                    Stormy day (black pirate on deck!)                                                                Circling around a Buoy

Unleashing our secret weapon (pirate on board)      Racing on a quiet windless day

      American US Navy gigantic 'Gill the boat'                      Austian world-champion boat, competing since 2005                Falling down on a stormy day...

US Navy gigantic 'gill the boat'            Austrian world-champion boat, sailing since 2005    Wind!

               Engineering works                                                         Retrieving our boat after a successful race                               Steady as she goes

Engineering work          Retreiving our boat after a successful race       Steady as she goes...

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