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Call For Posters -- CGAL SoCG 2012

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                                CALL FOR POSTERS
Mini-symposium: CGAL, an Open Gate to Computational Geometry
Part of the CG-Week 2012
June 18th, 2012, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

This year a series of mini-symposia, gathered under the collective title 
Computational Geometry: Applications, Practice, and Theory (CG:APT), will be 
co-located with the 28th Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG). These 
mini-symposia together with SOCG will constitute the "CG-Week 2012".

The Mini-symposium: "CGAL, an Open Gate to Computational Geometry" is scheduled 
for the afternoon of June 18th.

The aim of the mini-symposium is to provide a sample of  academic projects that 
are based on CGAL but are not part of CGAL. The focus will be on excellent 
academic projects that, in total, will reflect the use of computational geometry
outside of our community. We believe that such a mini-symposium will be of
great interest to our community as it will stimulate further cooperation with
other research areas. 

The symposium will consist of four invited talks and a poster session. We 
believe that the poster session is an excellent opportunity for CGAL users to 
present and demonstrate their work and to receive invaluable feedback from 
their peers in an informal setting. The talks will be of introductive nature, 
each addressing  the specific problem and the respective research field of a 
project using CGAL. Speakers will also emphasize the links of their research 
field to computational geometry. Each lecture will be around 40 minutes:

    Alexander Kroeller: 
         Applied Art Gallery Problems -- CGAL meets CPLEX
    Rien van de Weijgaert: 
         Alphashapes and the Topology of the Megaparsec Universe
    Jeff Martin: 
         Geometric Arrangement Algorithms for Protein Structure Determination
    Ioannis Emiris: 
         Constructing Resultant Polytopes by a Vertex Oracle

This is a call for participation to the poster session.

Important Dates:
Deadline for submissions:    May 20th, 2012
Notification of acceptance:   May 27th, 2012


Applications to the poster session of the mini-symposium "CGAL, an Open 
Gate to Computational Geometry" should include
- a pdf file with an image of the poster
- a pdf file with a single page description of the project and its use of CGAL.

Applications are due by ** May 6, 2012 **, and should be submitted by email 

Posters will be reviewed by members of the CGAL Editorial Board based on 
originality, significance, quality, and clarity. Poster authors are not 
required to transfer copyright. Notification for acceptance or rejection 
will be given on ** May 27, 2012 **.

Accepted posters are required to appear in the poster session
as a printed document with format DIN A1.

Michael Hemmer, Tel Aviv University
Mariette Yvinec, INRIA Sophia Antipolis - M�terran�
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