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A Trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

The trip is scheduled to take place on May 25-26th. We will have a minibus and a professional tour guide, called Danny Herman, attached to us during the entire trip. The plan, as I got it from Danny, follows.


  1. Leave Tel-Aviv at 8:30 from the Maxim hotel located at 86 Ha'yarkon St.
  2. Stop on Daviv Hamelech 33 (near the "Rabanut") at 8:50.
  3. Stop at the Tel Aviv Center - Savidor train station at 9:00.
  4. Pickup Danny, the tour guide, at Latrun Junction at 9:20.

Bring with you

  1. Modest Clothing for entering some sites in Jerusalem.
  2. Swimsuits for dipping in the dead sea.

Our tour start with a panoramic view of the Old City from the top of Mt. of Olives. The stunning panoramic view is a good place for introduction, as well as a photo opportunity, and even a camel ride… Next we descend to visit Gethsemane, and the nearby Mary's Tomb. Crossing the Kidron valley, we enter the Old  City   of Jerusalem from Lion's gate, and join the Via Dolorosa, the traditional path from the place of the trial of Jesus to the site of his crucifixion (Holy Sepulchre ).

We then continue into the Jewish Quarter and after a lunch break we visit sites like the Hurva Synagogue, the Cardo, and the Western wall  .

We then return to the Minibus, and start heading to Arad for the night. We spend the night at a boutique hotel called Yehelim located in Arad (~20 minutes drive from the dead sea).  We will have the entire hotel at our disposal. We will have a special "desert" dinner catered at the hotel.

The next day we drive to Masada, to visit the site by climbing up the Roman Ramp. Touring the famous fortress, we descend to the visitors center with the Cable car, and continue for a possible swim at the Ein-Gedi beach, and have lunch + tour of the botanical gardens at Ein-Gedi Botanical gardens. From there we advance to the caves of finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Qumran.

Towards 16:00 we start heading towards the Airport, to reach it by 17:30.

At this point I chose to skip the tunnels underneath the Western Wall. The day is packed even without it. If one of you has a great desire to go there, let me know, and I'll take it into consideration. If we go for it, I will have to reserve it ahead.

  1. The cost of the Western wall tunnel tour is ~30 INS per adult (~6 Euro)
  2. The cost of the tour guide is $400 + VAT = $464 (~347 Euro) per day.  
  3. The cost of the minibus is 1550 INS (~310 Euro) per day, plus 150 INS (~30 Euro) for the overnight stay.
  4. The hotel consists of 10 rooms. The cost of each room is 690 INS (~138 Euro) not including VAT  (The entire hotel + VAT would have cost 8,000 INS (~1,600 Euro), that is 800 INS per room, but non-Israeli passport holders do not need to pay VAT) and it covers breakfast for 2 people. The rooms are defined as double-bed rooms, but some are slightly larger and can accommodate more than 2 people.
  5. Since we spend the night in Arad, we need to arrange accommodation for our tour guide and our chauffeur. I doubt that the hotel will suffice, so I will arrange for them something nearby.
  6. The cost of the dinner on Friday evening is ~125 INS (~25 Euro) per person.

For people affiliated with CGAL, the costs in (2) and (3) are covered.

We need to divide ourselves into rooms and individually reserve the rooms (or the beds). Currently, I count 20 people all together, but I think the total will rise. I assume that 3 people that share a room, if it comes to this, will share the cost of a room, i.e., 138 Euro not including VAT + single breakfast). To reserve send an email message to Indicate that you are in Efi's group and the date, that is 25-26/05/2012, to be on the safe side. Indicate whether you reserve a whole room or just a bed. If you reserve a bed, indicate who are you sharing the room with if you know. If you don't, don't worry about it right now. Drop me a message once you have reserved, and I'll update the table.

Room Name Comment
1 Efi + Ilil
Reserved 1/2
Omri + Yael
Bernd + Michael Ho.
Mariette + Monique Reserved
Clément Reserved 1/2
Kiril + Nadya
Anna + Alex Reserved
Alon + Shiri
Laurent + Caroline Reserved
9.5 Alex K. Reserved 1/2
10 Michael He. Reserved 1/2
10.5 Panos Reserved 1/2

If needed (because we exceed the capacity), there are, limited though, other sleeping arrangements near by. Instructions for how to reserve will soon follow.

For those of you that do not fly out on the 26th and stay longer Israel (beyond the 26th), you need to arrange for accommodation.


Maxim hotel, Friday, May 25th at the morning (TBD)

Pickup at the Latrun junction

We pick up our tour guide.


We leave at 16:00.

Drop at the Ben Gurion airport

We make a drop at the Ben Gurion airport at 17:30.

Drop at the Latrun junction

Our tour guide probably leaves us there.

Final Stop

Maxim hotel, Saturday, May 26th at the evening around 18:00

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