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Security at the Ben-Gurion Airport

The security division at the Ben-Gurion airport offers a special service for professionals who are foreign guests of Israeli companies and universities. The security check for those who take advantage of the service is quicker and gives a higher priority. It is based on an advance notice to the Security Call Center at the Ben-Gurion airport.

Dorit lavi from the Foreign Affairs department at the Tel-Aviv university is authorized to act as the security trustee for the Tel-Aviv university. She serves as the liaison between the university and the Security Call Center. Her phone number is +972 3 6407200.

If you fly with El-Al, Dorit (the security trustee) can help you upon arrival and on departure. In this case you need to fill out this form twice - once for arrival, and then before departure. Send the filled out form to Dorit at her email address If you fly with any other airline, Dorit can help you only on departure. In any case you must fill out this form with precision and details including as much as information as possible. Before departure you must fill out this form with the detailed description of all places you visited while traveling in Israel. Only forms with all details required will be accepted.

In addition and independently of the above, if you are planning to visit us in the nearest future, you may gear yourself up with an official letter of invitation printed on the Tel-Aviv university formal-paper. The letter that you receive must confirm the fact that you are going to be a guest of the university. The letter must be addressed to you - identified by your name as appears in your passport and your passport-number. The letter must also contain a contact-person name. Contact Gilit at email address for assistance.


Lukash Mishkovsky, Warsaw, Poland

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