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Current members of TAU Computational Geometry Lab

The ACG lab is supervised by Dan Halperinhomepage.


CGL members and friends celebrating, Apr. 2018

Name Homepage Email Notes
Dan Halperin homepage hompage
Efi Fogel hompage contact CGAL Technical Coordinator
Michal Kleinbort null contact Motion planning
Tzvika Geft null contact Motion planning
Michael Bilevich null contact  
Dror Livnat null contact  
Gal Wiernik null contact  
Barak Ugav null contact  
Tommy Karkay null contact  

Past Members

Yoav Jacobson null contact  Neural Collision Detection
Tom Tsabar null contact Motion planning
Dror Dayan null contact
Yair Kerin null contact
Itay Yehuda null contact
Nir Goren null contact Motion planning
Alon Baram faded home contact Minkowski Sum
Angela Enosh hompage contact
Asaf Porat faded home contact  
Barak Raveh hompage contact Motion Planning and Structual Biology
Baruch Zukerman faded home contact Arrangements, Sweep line, BSO
Boris Kozorovitzky faded home contact Snap Rounding on the Sphere
Chaim Linhart  
Eitan Yaffe faded home contact  
Eli Packer faded home contact  
Eran Leiserowitz faded home contact Controlled Perturbation for Arrangements of Circles
Eric Berberich
hompage contact Arrangements, Subdivision, Algebraic curves and surfaces, Envelopes
Eti Ezra hompage contact Planar Map Overlay
Eugene Lipovetsky faded home contact
Eyal Flato faded home contact Minkowski Sums, Planar Map with Intersection
Golan Levy null contact  
Guy Zucker contact Website development, Boolean Set Operations
Hayim Shaul faded home contact Vertical Decompositions
Iddo Hanniel hompage contact
Idit Haran hompage contact Point Location
Israela Solomon null contact  
Kiril Solovey home contact Multi-Robot Motion Planning
Michal Gourgy faded home contact 3D envelopes
Michael Hemmer hompage contact Algebraic Kernel for CGAL, Voronoi Diagrams of Polyhedra
Naama Mayer faded home contact Minkowski Sum of Rotating Polytopes
Niv Sabath faded home contact Arrangement demo
Ophir Setter hompage contact Arrangements and Voronoi Diagrams
Oren Nechushtan hompage contact Motion Planning and Combinatorial Geometry
Oren Salzman contact Motion Planning
Philipp Moeller faded home contact  
Ravid Cohen null contact  
Ron Wein hompage contact Conics, Arrangements, BSO, 2D Minkowski Sums
Roza Pogalnikova faded home contact 2D Minkowski Sums, Approximate Offsets
Shahar Shamai hompage contact Casting
Shai Hirsch faded home contact
Shlomo Golubev hompage contact Quality Assurance
Sigal Raab faded home contact
Tom Verbin null contact
Tomer Sachar Handelman faded home contact
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